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Reflective Encounters | 29th Encounters Film Festival (2023)
Reflective Encounters was born out of a belief that you can’t have a great film culture without a great film criticism culture. By inviting several critics to the festival and encouraging them to respond and engage with the films available at Encounters, the hope is that Reflective Encounters offers a space in which a better film culture can be built. These short pieces are intended to start a conversation – between the filmmaker and writer, between the audience and the film, between yourself and the person sitting next to you.
Short films reviewed:
45th Parallel - Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Fuar: A Countermemory - Ezgi Özbakallöglu
Neo Nahda - May Ziadé
Yellow - Elham Ehsas
Institution - Cole Morris
The Archive: Queer Nigerians - Simisolaoluwa Akande
Being Seen - Ren Faulkner
Something More than Masquerade - Shamica Ruddock
White Ant - Shalini Adnani 
Jellyfish and Lobster - Yasmin Afifi
Black Strangers - Dan Guthrie
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Existential Grocery Shopping | Free to Forage: The Zine (2023)
This digital, interactive zine is the culmination of T A P E’s season, Free to Forage, showcasing the work of over 20 talented mixed heritage creative practitioners who work with and explore nature as part of their practice. Packed with meditations in the form of poetry, photography, essays, recipes paintings and more.
Beyond the Review: Theo Panagopoulos on ‘Foragers’ | Take One Action Festival (2022)
Greek-Lebanese-Palestinian film director and film programmer, Theo Panagopoulos, was commissioned to write a review of Foragers,  as part of Take One Action’s ‘Beyond the Review‘ initiative, supported by the Year of Stories 2022 Community Stories Fund. 
Reflections on Film Hub Scotland's New Promoter Scheme | Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival (2021)
Filmmaker and curator Theo Panagopoulous reflects on his experiences working with SMHAF as part of the New Promoters scheme, supported by Film Hub Scotland. Theo curated three film screenings exploring the theme of Healing, which took place in November and December 2021. 
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