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I Was Born In The Month Of The Moon



Short Documentary | In Post-Production | UK | 2022​

Confined to her flat during the spring of the 2020 pandemic, the filmmaker wakes up one day and cannot move. As the phases of celestial bodies continue outside her window, dreams and memories begin to emerge: she can finally start hearing what her body has to say. Through seemingly random moments of pain and illness, set against the backdrop of her empty flat in Scotland and her childhood memories of the Californian landscape, a lifelong psychological journey cycles through to its natural end.

Directed by: Erica Monde
Produced by: Erica Monde, Theo Panagopoulos

Executive Producer: Noe Mendelle
Cinematography: Theo Panagopoulos, Erica Monde
Editing: Erica Monde

Sound Designer: Alexis Psillas

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