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EQUINOX Epitaphs


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The “Equinox Epitaphs” is a structured improvisation composed by Taner Kemirtlek that captures the essence of Equinox and that of it three members. Using the oldest surviving music score we have in its entirety - the “Seikilos Epitaph - as stimulus, the piece calls for three individual piano based improvisations. These improvisations can be seen as three movements as a whole, or three stand alone pieces. 


The history of Seikilos epitaph in its essence, celebrates light and implores us to enjoy life in the fullest. On another level, however, it is seen as a historical snapshot of a time and place that is integral to the heritage we all carry in us. In this way, all three of our epitaphs contemplate themes such as history, time, life and death in the context of our relationships with our pasts.


The short film “Equinox Epitaphs” showcases the piece as a singular, three-part journey, where each movement is explored in a completely different landscape. Numerous carefully selected personal belongings are seen in this film; we see these objects as our own Epitaphs- our personal snapshots- that we each have collected on our life journey to date. In this context, they will be used as mediums of contemplation between our past, our present and how the two determine our future direction.

Directed & Edited by Theo Panagopoulos

Cinematography by Weronika Frycz

Music by EQUINOX

Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser

George Kypridemos

Taner Kemirtlek

Production & Audio Design by Black Goblin Audio

Distribution by Mile Digital Distribution

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