My Own Personal Lebanon

Short Documentary | 15:44 | UK, Greece | 2020​

My Own Personal Lebanon is a short documentary following the attempts of a young Greek filmmaker to connect with his distant Lebanese half by discovering his mother's secret stories of the war.

The film explores the emotional tension between national and personal identity through a conversation in a car, two installations in Athens, a book about Beirut and three spoken languages. 


Were the stories meant to be silenced forever or did he not pay enough attention? Why did it take him so long to wake up to his family history? 

Direction: Theo Panagopoulos

Executive Producers: Emma Davie, Amy Hardie,

Noé Mendelle

Cinematography: Giorgos Karalias

Editing: Andrada Neacsu, Theo Panagopoulos

Music: Alexandra Katerinopoulou

Sound: Simon Howard

Producer: Theo Panagopoulos

Official Selections & Screenings

Shortlisted for Best Student Film - Greek Film Academy

London Short Film Festival 2021

DocLisboa International Film Festival 2020

Encounters Short Film Festival 2020

(Nominated for Best UK Student Film | Audience Award)

Greek Documentary Association festival 2020




© 2020 Theo Panagopoulos

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