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Short Documentary | 10:58 | Greece | 2017

Poliplumo presents the daily ritual of Mr. Apostolis, a thrift shop owner in Monastiraki, Athens. Through his routine, he creates an environment in which time stays still and the memories of his youth stay alive. Poliplumo is not only the name of his shop but also the ancient greek word equivalent of richly decorated.

Directed by: Haralambos Drousiotis, Theo Panagopoulos, Niovi Andrioti, Eva Vasilopoulou


Edited by: Haralambos Drousiotis, Theo Panagopoulos

Produced by: Nickos Myrtou & National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Official Selections

8th Ethnographic Film Festival of Athens Ethnofest 2017

Docfest Documentary Festival of Chalkida 2017

AegeanDocs International Documentary Festival of Lesbos 2017


Screened in Hellenic Parliament Channel in 2018


Presented in 2018 in the Urban Game Sketchbook exhibition as part of the celebratory events for the European Year of Cultural Heritage.


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