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San Michali Food & Culture


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The concept was initialised by the San Mihalis team in order to create a promotional video celebrating the new location of their restaurant in Hermoupolis, Syros Island, Greece. By using as a starting point, the story of Alice in Wonderland, the team needed a different and unconventional approach to depicting the restaurant.


It was important to capture the feelings of their three signature themes of the restaurant - the wood oven, the seaside view and the freshness of the food and vegetables- through the three elements: fire, water and earth.


The film combines abstract and concrete objects synthesising the aesthetic of Lewis Carol's novel and the products offered in the restaurant in order to create a magical atmosphere through the different textures and feelings. Through crosscutting between the fire, the water and the earth, the film builds to a finale of a dinner table in the middle of the forest, resembling Alice’s dinner party. The film comes alive through the beautiful and fantastical music of Alexandra Katerinopoulou and the vibrant sounds of Daniele Ceciliot. 

Director /Cinematographer /Editor: Theo Panagopoulos

Music Composition: Alexandra Katerinopoulou

Sound Design/Music Editing: Daniele Ceciliot

Produced by: Alexandros Karakatsanis, Fani Panagopoulou & San Mihali Food & Culture

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