The Place Between Was & Will Be


The Place between Was & Will Be-still 1.jpg
The Place between Was & Will Be-still 2.jpg

Short Documentary | 17:31 | Greece | 2021

After his grandfather is diagnosed with dementia, the filmmaker conducts a ritual of anticipatory grief in his grandparents' abandoned summer house.


By using the concept of liminality to explore the house's past, present and uncertain future, he aims to slow down the moment of a big change and open a discourse his family avoids to have.


Director: Theo Panagopoulos

Cinematography: Erica Monde, Theo Panagopoulos

Editor: Theo Panagopoulos, Erica Monde

Music Composition & Sound Design:

Alexandra Katerinopoulou

Posters: Erica Monde & Chloe Heffernan

Colour grade: Giulia Braggioto

Produced by: Theo Panagopoulos, Erica Monde

World Premiere:

24th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival